We have a flat fee of $500.00 for a complete 10 page website or $250. for a basic 5 Pages website. (Shopping card not included in the 5 pages design)  We can incorporate music, Flash animation, scripts, forms, photo galleries etc. Shopping cart (Up to 20 products are included) $20 for each button after that. We have a one cost policy, “no more charges.” We create the website you want for one fee.

We build quality Mobile Friendly Sites at an affordable cost

Get Your Listing Next To The Google Ads, A YouTube Video and Social media setup helps you to get listed on the first page. Instantly first page listing on Google is hard to obtain. It always takes time.

We build an affordable websites We customize our sites in accordance with your wishes and requirements. Top Quality Guaranteed VIDEO DESIGN YOU TUBE

Our expertise is simple, easy to brows websites, online information, online store or any type of online presence, for example YouTube Videos, facebook and Twitter setup. “Creative Design”  believes that a good personal contact forms a solid basis for a long term business relationship. We will be up-front with what you can expect and what not. Central to this is that we are as clear as possible, and try to get a clear idea of your organization, your market and your goals.

Our video  design starts  at $50

We will always advise you on our technical capabilities and your options to optimize search engine visibility.

 With “Creative Web Design” (youtubevideodesign.com) you know in advance where you stand. Should you adjust your needs during the development of your website, then you will hear in advance whether this has consequences time and cost wise

Once we have agreed, “Creative…” will get started with your web design. The first step at this point is to show you a number of drafts for you to choose from. “Creative Web Design” (youtubevideodesign.com) will always stand behind their work and craftsmanship, no matter what, we will make sure you are fully satisfied with our work on an ongoing basis.

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TOP A 10 Page Web-Design  For Only $500. Add a Promotional Imbedded Video $550.- Marius VanWoerden  Owner designer