We can help your business or organization for any type of online presence from start to finish. Whether it will be a basic website, online information, an online Store or any purpose. Established in 1995, Creative Web Design has worked on projects for companies of different sizes and industry types. Every project is unique and custom designed to the individual client’s goals, requirements and budget. Just contact us to see what we can do for your business.


Updating and Maintenance.

We will update and maintain your site, on an "as needed" basis mostly included in your monthly hosting and maintenance fee. For some sizable content add-on we charge our normal hourly fee ($50.00/hr) and will let you know ahead of time, when a change request is not included. We will make it as simple as possible for you, and get your changes done as quickly as we can. You just e-mail us your images in any size and we will optimize and resize them if needed, then insert them into web page.

Let us Help your business to take off videos We will  shoot your  site to  the top! Email: marius@aaa1.me     T. 647 427 0236 10 page Site hosting $25  per month Incl. SSL #top

Hosting include a SSL (site

secure certificate) Due to new

policies from the search engine

companies, like Google and

others a SSL certificate is

essential for your site To come up in searches

(search engine optimization)  

Short <SEO>Is a program that

will help to get a Higher domain

 rating on Google and other

search engines. It helps getting

you on the first page and with

Minimal (30 keywords)

Hosting fees are billed Per 3 months  On the first month of each quarter.  Pages are based On 21 inches length We also create double pages. They  will Be Charged as 2 pages A basic website up to  2 pages $60 per quarter. A From 3 to 8 pages  Website $75 A Large website up to  18 pages $120 per quarter. Web design cost  CLICK HERE Creative  Web Design
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